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Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for answers to your income tax software questions. We understand that in order for you to be successful, we need to provide your company with a level of service that you can count on and utilize effectively. Immediate solutions to your important concerns are our number one priority.

If a check has been damaged, printed on blank paper, or is in any other way unusable, the check can be selected for reprinting. When this is done, the check is immediately available for reprinting. To reprint a check, follow these steps: Log in to Software as a user with administrator rights. On the Work In Progress Summary, select Checks, Registers, and Activation. The Checks, Registers and Activation window will open. Select the Check Register tab. Select the check to be reprinted. Click the Reprint button. The check will now be available for reprinting on the Checks to Print tab. Note: It is recommended that the word “VOID” be written on the original misprinted check.

To add an asset to a tax return, follow these steps: Add or verify that the form to carry depreciation exists on the tax return. For example, if you want the depreciation to appear on Schedule C, be sure you’ve added Schedule C to the tax return. Press CTRL N to open the All Forms & Schedules, Depreciation screen. Double-click on the business activity to open the Business Activity Asset window. Click New Asset. In the Description box, type a name for that asset. In the Date Placed in Service box, type the date the asset was placed in service. Select the appropriate Business Asset Class and click OK. On the General Tab screen, type the original cost or basis of the asset in the Original Cost or Basis box. If claiming the Section 179 deduction, type the amount selected for the Section 179 deduction in the Sec 179 Expense box. If the asset has prior year depreciation amounts, click the Depreciation tab on top and type the prior year depreciation in the Adjusted Depreciation box. Software should now open. It is highly recommended that a new password be entered for the Admin login account at this time.

The current status of a tax return can be found by using the Quick feature on the Work In Progress Summary. To view the status of a tax return using the Quick feature: Log into Software as a user with administrator privileges. On the toolbar, click the Quick button. The Query Return Status window will open. In the Social Security Number field, enter the SSN of the return whose status is to be viewed. Click the Search button. The Software will connect to the Central Site to retrieve the latest information on the taxpayer. The Query Return Status Results window will open. This screen displays the latest information on the tax return.

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Our goal is to provide you with our one-call resolution model so that your company runs efficiently throughout the entire income tax season. Mac Financial software technicians are committed to going the extra mile to get all your questions and concerns acknowledged.

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Tax Pros Software Benefits

Here are a couple of reasons why Tax Pros Software has been an industry leader and why our customers love our program.

1) Management Dashboard

Gives you complete control over, and visibility into, each sub-site within your multi-office tax organization.

2) Work-In-Progress Screen

Gives you instant information on the latest status of returns and checks.

3) Forms-Based Input

A client's tax information is entered in easy to use and familiar forms.

4) Built-In-Estimator

Quickly give clients an estimate of the amount of their refund, without having to prepare an entire return.

5) Customizable Reports

Get the information your business needs quickly and easily.

6) Permissions-Based Administration

Keep your business secure with the ability to customize access for individual employees.

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