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Who Is Tax Pros?

TaxPros is a professional tax service provider founded by two brothers, Jerry and Joe Sanchez. In 2009, when the company was formerly known as JS Taxes, the brothers saw an opportunity to implement their business expertise and knowledge in tax preparation. Therefore, with professionalism and commitment, Jerry and Joe have established the firm’s success throughout the years. Because of their perseverance to provide excellent and professional tax services, TaxPros has been able to attract a wide range of new customers earning them a strong and solid reputation in the tax preparation industry.

What Do We Do?

As for many, tax season can be a stressful time. Especially, if the tax payer does not have the knowledge they need to prepare or file their taxes. That is why we are here. We offer an array of tax services that meet your needs. Just to name a few of these services, we offer personal income tax preparation, business income tax preparation, tax and business planning, corporate filing and electronic filing. All tax services we provide to our customers are executed with distinction to help build our customer’s level of trust and confidence. In hence, trusting us to maximize their refund with accuracy and assurance.

Income Tax Preparation

It is time for taxes! Is your income tax prepared? If not, let the pros prepare your income tax for you. Tax Pros offers income tax preparations for individuals and families.

Personal Tax Return

Once your income tax is prepared, you are ready to file. Tax Pros also offers tax filing services so you can sit back and relax. Let us file your taxes today!

Business Tax Return

We can also file taxes for your business. If you own a business, and would like one of our professionals to help you prepare and file taxes for your business, we’ve got you covered.

(During Jan 2 - April 15)


Mobile App & Custom Website
Differentiate your business from the competition

With your own customized mobile application, your clients have the ability to send you their information and source documents directly to your tax software from the convenience of their home.

  • Custom web design
  • Branded mobile app
  • Web hosting service
  • Unlimited emails
  • Marketing product kit
  • Dynamic web dashboard